Berlin-Brandenburgische Auslandsgesellschaft e.V.

The BBAG aims to encourage tolerance and understanding among people of different nations. The BBAG is a non-governmental organisation, independent of political parties and embraces all beliefs based on democratic values. The BBAG represents a unique diversity of internationally oriented cultural activities combing of political education, further education and consultation in the region Berlin and Brandenburg:

The BBAG offers German language courses for migrants in different places of the region (January 2011: 11 classes in 5 cities), including courses for special target groups, for instance illiterate people or Vietnamese business people- The BBAG also offers courses in foreign languages (English, Arabic, Japanese, Spanish).

BBAG has also a substantial experience in the field of organizing European projects in relation to the promotion of integration of immigrants in the German society. These projects include the Europe for Citizens projects EU-Kompetency for Migrants (2008-1655/001-0), Poland and Germany in Europe (2007-1416/001-0), European Education in Poland and Germany (2008-SI2.496883), Local strategies against right wing extremism and xenophobia (2007-11411), Youth and Violence (2009-JUM.14920) and Intercultural Dialogue (2008-1-GR1-GRU0). It has also promoted various national projects for the promotion of the integration of the immigrants.